Meet Your Product Support Team

Yeni Farias
Yeni FariasBusiness Development
Yeni owns the Development Process and leads customers through all steps to order fulfillment. She will be your primary contact. She is fluent in Spanish and lives and works from Minnesota.
Michael Snyder
Michael SnyderProject Management Supply Chain
Michael is a problem solver. He manages the details that bring new projects to life. He is an upstate New York native, and works remote from NY on the Tipton Mills Team.
Brian Ault
Brian AultQuality Assurance / R&D / Regulatory
Brian is your advocate. He and his team focus on assuring all requirements are known and managed to expectations. Brian is an Indiana native and Food Scientist from Purdue University.
Joe Palacios
Joe PalaciosQuality Assurance
Joe is a food safety champion. He works with customers to quality Tipton Mills Foods quality process through information and audits.
Todd Stauffer
Todd StaufferFinance
Todd heads up the finance process and helps with all the financial aspects of business development. Todd also has a thorough understanding of operations and the business ERP systems.
Dave Snyder
Dave SnyderCo-Owner / Operations
Dave is a co-owner since its founding in 2015. He is an industry veteran (Sensient). He leads manufacturing and engineering and is the site technical expert on agglomeration and particle building.
David Harding
David HardingCo-Owner / Commercial / Admin
Dave is a co-owner of the business and its founding since 2015. He is a food industry veteran and is the executive lead in business, regulatory, community and customer relations.